NEW design 32SII / 48G serie no longer available?


Today, i went to my local book/office supply store that carries HP calc. in there assortment.
There i've seen a HP32SII with the following color scheme.
The inner surrounding of the display is black, and the outer surrounding is silver with black lettering "32SII RPN scientific" . ( i hope you can follow it ) The left shift key and related key's lettering are green and the right shift key with related lettering are purple.
Anyone seen this before ? It looked very stylish, and i nearly bought it.
I went inside to see if they had the new HP's allready, but they did not even get any information about the knew calculators. Not even about the 49G. But the salesman i spoke told me that the HP48G serie is no longer available !
Is that true?


Yes, Erwin. It is true.
The HP-48G is discontinued.


The HP48G is discontinued but the HP48 series (G+ and GX) is still going, or have these been stopped?!? (HP49G a poor substitute).

The HP32SII seems to have the same colour scheme as the HP48 series, is this a limited end of line 'one off' (in which case buy and keep as a minter) or are HP relaunching this RPN calc ready for a new series of RPN calculators (we all live in hope :-).



G+ and GX will continue for the time being.
I can only speculate and wish about a new RPN series.
A new color scheme would (maybe) indicate the 32SII will continue...


I haven't seen the new 32SII color scheme, but I have seen that the 10B's (shifted functions) colors have been changed.

In late August, I noticed an Office Depot advertisement that even showed a new 39G with new colors. The case itself was grey, instead of dark blue. The four-arrow navigation keys were teal, instead of black. And the HP and 39G logos were in the top corners of the acrylic LCD cover instead of centered at the top and bottom of the LCD cover.

Finally, the same ad showed a 6S Solar with the metallic blue body, like the standard 6S. Until then, I had only seen the 6S Solar in a metallic silver body.

In any case, I haven't yet seen the 39G or the 6S Solar with these new color schemes in person, but only in their "original" colors.



At least you have seen HP's new calculators.
I've only seen the HP49G, and have one myself.
I finaly start to appriciate the 49G. Thank's to the manuals of the 48 series i learn more and more how to operate it. And now after ten months of use i feel that the key's are getting better and more comfortble.


A new colour-scheme for the 32SII? Have to go and see for myself, an interesting variation.
May be worth buying it before it will be discontinued...
Would make a nice addition to the very few HP's I own. I have a 32SII at work and a 10C at home.

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