HP Solve


How does HP Solve works in HP 32SII?


Do you mean it's internal code, relative performance, it's general mechanics, or how the user sets-up their own examples. I have some idea about the latter two.



I meant how to operate it.


The details are in the owners manual. If you do not own a manual, I have several. (Children, backpacks, high school, HP32SII don't mix. Each repair included a manual). If you have a manual but still have some trouble, email me directly. I'll try to help.


I don't really have a manual, actually I don't have this calculator. I have seen this calculator at HP website. They said that it can be used to solve for any variables, I what to know to use this feature and decide if I am going to buy this calculator or not. Another than this, I have to check if it could be used in exaninations in secondary schools in Hong Kong.


The solver in the 32 is useful, but the solvers in other HP's are better. Some problems will error in a 32, for example, any expression that includes a division by one of the variables. I believe this is due to the solving technique. Entering the equation is also somewhat more work. So, check out the other models if you plan to use an solver regularly.


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