German help needed!!


Hi all,

I've recently managed to win an-*other* HP-41 at eBay. The seller have contacted me with some messages regarding shipping troubles. Regrettably, she does not speak English and (regrettably too) I cannot speak German.

I've used automated translators so far, but will like to recall your help to avoid further misunderstoods regarding this issue.

I've made dozen transactions with Germany in the past years and this is the first time I have such a problems...!?

Here you are the relevant mail info, pasted from my hotmail account:


das Paket liegt bei Ihnen am Zoll, ich benötige aber noch Ihre Personal
Ausweis Nr.damit das Paket weiter an Sie versendet wird.



----- Original Message -----
From: "diego diaz" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 2:03 AM
Subject: RE: eBay Artikel HP Rechner 41C (Artikelnummer 6106431806)

> Hi Elisabeth,
> I'm very sorry for the inconveniences, here you are my phone number:
> +34 660 720 350
> Hope this time everything goes right, best regards from "die Kanarische
> Inseln"
> Diego.
> <>
> >From: (Hans Leyens)
> >To: "diego diaz" <>
> >Subject: eBay Artikel HP Rechner 41C (Artikelnummer 6106431806)
> >Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 21:14:06 +0200
> >
> >Guten Abend,
> >
> >Ihr Paket ist zurückgekommen da ich keine Telefon Nummer von Ihnen
> >beigelegt habe.
> >Der Paketdienst benötigt bei Auslandsendungen die Telefon Nummer des
> >Empfängers. Bitte senden Sie mir diese zu damit ich das Paket erneut
> >verschicken kann.
> >
> >MfG
> >
> >Elisabeth

Thanks in advance and best regards.



Hi Diego,

Elizabeth writes(the english translation folows):
the parcel is laying at your customs, but I need your Identity Card Number to get the parcel forwarded to you.
With kind regards, Elizabeth"

I hope it helps.



I'll send the required info, nevertheless, this is somewhat strange, AFAIK there are no customs inside the EU...

Again thanks and best regards from Spain.




Hi diego,

normally there's no customs inside EU,

but maybe the sender accidently filled in the customs declaration form

and/or marked the item with a very high value.




Hi Raymond,

It could have happened this way, anyhow it's still strange that shuch a customs declaration was accepted by the German Customs, as they must know for sure that goods freely circulate within the EU...

Regarding the insurrance, I was not asked for that when the seller told me the shipping amount... and the whole thing doesn't worth a hundred bucks.

Let's time decide if it's a simple misunderstood, or an eBay bogus... :-(

I'll let you know if the second becomes true.

Thanks and best wishes.




Diego, Andreas and Raymond,

Might I ask what would be meant by "Identity Card Number"? Might it be similar to the Social Security number (account number for the payment of taxes while working that then loosely provides for a pension-type payment after retirement) that we have in the US? This number has become a de facto personal identification number (much to my and many others' chagrin) for banking and credit transactions. As a result, scams to get you to reveal it are common so that a criminal can use it for fraudulent purposes. Could the eBay sale be a ruse for such a purpose?


Hi Jeff,

We have (in Spain) a small (credit card sized) personal identification document, it's a very long history that goes backwards to the previous dictatorial government after the civil war... (no, I won't bore you with that :-)... but the fact is that every Spaniard has one.

In this particular case, the seller is receiving the requests that should have have done to me... and is taking her time to write e-mails, and forwarding that info to the Spanish carrier (supposedly thru the German carrier)...

This is a common thing during summer time here in Sapin: Many companies (Carriers are not an exception) hire teporary employees while their *good* people are in holidays... so, a real newbie get in charge of decide if this or that thing must or must not go thru Customs... mine does :-(

I've managed to talk to the Spanish Carrier at Madrid this very afternoon they accepted my claim, confirmed that the parcel is there and that it will be forwarded to the Canaries next Monday.

I'll also mailed the seller to show my gratitude for her interest and cooperation in this issue.

Conclusion: I'll wait till October to buy at eBay ;-)

Thanks you all for your replies, and have a nice weekend!!



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