HP-42S emulator for Pocket PC?


Does anyone know of an HP-42S emulator program for the Pocket PC?



I believe there are only 2 emulators for the 42S:

1. 42X by HrastProgrammer. He makes versions that run on the HP-48GX (requires 2 memory cards), 49G and 49G+. Available here.

2. Emu42 by Christoph Gießelink. A beta version is available here. Following Richard's link, it apparently is possible to get Emu32 to run on Pocket PC as demonstrated here. As Erik notes, "Emu42 for Pocket PC 2002 is not yet published officially". So actually getting it up and running might be a little problematic.

An alternative might be to buy Hrast's 42X and run it on emu48. There is a version of emu48 for Pocket PC. You could make a custom bitmap and KML (basically a picture of the 42S keyboard and display and a script that maps the functions, if you are not familiar) that could look very nice. The difference is that emu48 has the large screen of the 48. However, Hrast allows good use of the area above the 42S display.

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Check out the News section on Erik's web page at hp42s.com.


Hi all! (Just back from vacations with my wife and our six month's old son - far from all internet connections...)

"Emu42 for Pocket PC 2002 is not yet published officially"

Better up! I'm actually right now setting up a campaign in order to pay back at least a little bit of what we owe Christoph Giesselink for his work on these emulators. Also, if we manage to collect more than 700 euros Christoph will release both the Windows and the Pocket PC version of Emu42...

Even better up! In addition to the Pocket PC version of Emu42 Chrstoph has also made his own port of Emu48 which resolves all problems with sluggishness etc with the previous Pocket PC versions. If we manage to collect more than 700 euros he will release this as well!

Just check out this forum or www.hp42s.com in the next few days for more details!

Best regards,
[br]Erik Ehrling (Sweden)


Very good news! Christoph's emulator is really great, and of course, I will support his work financially.

Erik, good luck for your campaign. If you need help, you can count on me...

Regards, Juergen



Fantastic!! A super fast 42S in Windows with program load/save and a Pocket PC version for portability. I would be in Heaven. (I'm assuming it'll be fast and will have program load/save).

I have already e-mailed you my support. And as soon as you post the collection method, I'll be delighted to make the money contribution.

It will give me an excuse to buy one the latest PocketPC units.



Does the screen shot show the final product? I am curious why the display does not match the width of the calculator keys as it does with the actual 42S. This would seem to make custom menus (a primary feature of 42S porgramming for me) somewhat problematic.




My guess is that the effect you describe (screen width not matching keyboard width) stems from the way the 42S 16x131 pixel (if I recall correctly) display gets mapped to the display of the emulating device. The 240W x 268H pixel display of the PDA is not wide enough to use a 2x2 array for each 42S pixel. Therefore the 42S display must be mapped one for one, so it is not as wide as the total PDA screen. The keyboard is just a graphic image that you can make look any way you want. It is not restricted by a physical aspect of the real 42S, so you can use the whole width of the PDA screen to make it look as good as possible. (The preceding is my analysis based on my understanding of the way emu48 works.)

However, this should not be a problem with the soft menus. With the KML scripting, you can make it possible to actually just click on the menu label when it appears, i.e. you can map that key function to that area of the screen, so you won't need to press the “key” associated with that menu function.

I hope the above is clear, if not ask and I'll try to provide more info.

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Good news, but what about the availability of the HP-42S ROM image, which is still copyright by HP?



I have been in contact with Gene Vicino at HP recently, however I have not yet been able to get any clear answer. I will post a message here if I get any positive sign from HP.


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