Loading HP-41 RAW/P41 files into HP-42X


Recently, I was experimenting with the possibility to directly load HP-41 RAW/P41 files into HP-42X emulator and the results of this investigation are presented on http://www.geocities.com/hrastprogrammer/HP42X/rawfiles.htm together with a conversion program and description of the whole process. I was able to load few HP-41 programs (mainly mathematics) and run them inside HP-42X without problem but I would like other users to try this process to see how it is going. So, all HP-42X users who are willing to test it can download the program and try it.

Perhaps a growing database containing HP-41 programs compatible with HP-42X can be built in the future. http://www.hp42s.com can be a good place for it. What do you think, Erik?

I was also experimenting a little with the excellent HP41UC program from Leo Duran which can be used (with a few limitations) to compile HP-42S program listings into RAW format. This is described on the above page, too.

Best regards.


This is addressed to Mr. Hrastprogrammer in particular. With the huge popularity of the HP 41C/CV/CX and HP 42S calculators, it would be nice if HP would design/build (even with other companies involved)and market an HP 42SX that would be able to run code for the above mentioned calculators. It should have the ability to accept SD cards and be able to connect to a PC. If Mr. Hrastprogrammer would license his HP 41X, HP 42X, etc. emulation packages to HP for whatever fee he wants, it may become a reality. I would like to comment that there is a website to bring back a new version of the HP 15C http://hp15c.org:8086/
A similar approack might be used here.


Thank you for the comments.

I would gladly license all my emulators to HP but I doubt they will ever ask this. If they were interested they would already ask, woudn't they?

No problem with HP-15C, either, because I already developed Nut emulation code - I only need the ROM.

Best regards.


Just wanted to remind everyone that we're doing everything being discussed here over at openrpn.org

One of the form factors will be like that of the pioneer series, and feature an ARM7 CPU, graphical LCD, MMC support (SD requires an NDA, licensing, etc.), USB and Rs-232, a real-time clock, and IrDA. Sound like enough?


I would love to stop cussing out H P for dropping the "best thing it ever made" and band together with others who agree, to: Flood HP with E-mail, or standard postcards (designed by "us")demanding the return of this great "discontinued powerhouse".

If every person pissed at HP for this %$^^*^$@ move, were to let them know "we want it again, now, please!", even the sales geeks that are responsable for our present position would have to listen, especially when their boss' hear of the flood of requests for the HP42S' return to production. (unless of course, the boss' don't care about what HP user want, which so far seems to be the case)

I don't understand why HP would cut the best product they ever made (my opinion) and drop it like a bomb?

Lets find a way to get counted! Like the "HP42S USERS LOBBY" or, you tell me what you think, regarding an action to promote a response from the sleeping "grey matter" presently employed at HP.



(owner of an IR printer in top condition collecting dust)

Paul La Chance


For a start - a good way to show that there is still great interest in the HP-42S would be to support the campaign for Emu42 that has now been ongoing for a week! We must certainly collect much more than 700 EUR for the sales people at HP to start to take notice...

If you have not yet visited the campaign webpage I suggest that you do so now: www.hp42s.com/campaign

Best regards,

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)

Edited: 15 Aug 2004, 11:59 a.m.


Perhaps you or someone else could start something similar to Chris Woodhouse's
campaign to bring back the 15C
. I'm not optimistic, but you could try.
By the way, I don't think it would be a simple matter of restarting production. I think HP no longer has the capability of producing the old pioneer form. They would have to convert the functionality to some new form factor. I doubt that anyone wants them to base it on the 33S. I think most of us would find it acceptable to base it on the 17Bii+, however:

It seems to have a proper display, a "conventional" keyboard, soft menu keys and the correct number of buttons. Alas, it would have a small enter key, although at least it could be in the proper location.


The enter key on the 17bII+ is at the bottom right.

It should be in the middle left!



OK, when we have left no more problems, we'll deal with the position of the ENTER key. IMO, the mapping of keys to functions is "only" software.

Just my 2 Cents ...


The enter key on the 17bII+ is at the bottom right.
It should be in the middle left!

That's why I said it could be in the right position. Also, on my 17BII, when in RPN mode the (double-wide) key labelled "INPUT" functions as the ENTER key. I have no idea if the 17Bii+ does the same. In any case, as Walter B. says, it's just a software issue. Upon further thought since my earlier post, it looks to me like the current 17Bii+ platform would make a fine basis for a 42Sii. It is easy to imagine that the third row of keys could have the same size and spacing as the top two, rather than the bottom four, except the two leftmost keys would be merged into one double wide ENTER key. While we’re dreaming, just add an SD memory slot, and the ability to upload and download programs via that route, and we’d have a real winner.


It could be fixed by software (even at the user level, if we remember that user-definable keyboards are with us since the HP41C). It could even be fixed by hardware, cutting traces and connecting jumpers at the keyboard circuit level.

But the real hard issues are the size of the key (if you like the conventional, wide ENTER), and the legends on the key and on the keyboard plate. From my point of view, the plate silkscreening is the most frustrating barrier for keyboard modification (in a small scale, I mean)

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