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Hi All,
I have purchased an old HP Integral PC at Ebay. But without any docs. The system boots (Unix in ROM). I have also generated some disk for the IPC, but no idea about accessing the disks (if I do connect an old HP HPIB Harddisk, it is detected, but also no idea how to access the newly device).
Is there anyone how is able to give a hint. For example command that may be entered at the PIM interface?


Hi Andre,

This website may be of some help to you: http://www.coho.org/~pete/IPC/integral.html

Good luck,



I know this Web-Side, but there is only some general information and several disk-images. I was not able to put the images to disk (write errors because of strange formats).
The main problem that I have is that I have no idea about the commands accepted by the computers build in PAM (for example to access a floppys contents or to start something from a floppy).
I have emailed to Peter Johnson, but not received a response until now.

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