HP 71B question


I've owned an HP 71B for almos 15 years now. I don't have any accesories except for the card reader. The thing is I think there's something wrong with it because it drains the batteries too often (4 or 5 days), and it seems to be independent of usage time. Everything works fine, the only suspicious evidence is that it seems to be beeping continously (barely audibly though), kind of a buzzing-heartbeat (it's hard to explain).
I will appreciate any comments that leads me in the right direction.
Carlos Frutos.


I can't da a complete diagnosis. Did you remove the card reader and check thid? There's surely something wrong, a working 71B doesn't produce such a sound.

It might be a failure in the power supply (not the transformer, the internal power supply part in the 71B). Does the LCD display work? Maybe the DC/AC converter has a problem. This should be fixable.


I will check it again after I remove the card reader, the funny thing is everything works perfectly, no other symtpoms whatsover. With the AC adaptor connected, there's no problem. I just recently pulled it out after about 3 years (I stopped using it because of the battery problem), and I just installed fresh batteries yesterday. I will keep an eye on it and tell you what happened.


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