MLDL2000 Update, Europe meeting


Just a quick update:

The MLDL2000 beta PCB's are now in the process of being manufactured. This will take about 8 weeks (I chose the cheap track here ...) after which I will be able to tell if it works or not. I will use the time in between for a few weeks vacation and writing software for the MLDL2000 (but not at the same time).

I will upload a new version of the specifications (version 1.4) later today to This new version has the component layout of the PCBs and should give you a good impression of how it will look.

Is there any interest in a European meeting. I missed last years meeting unfortunately, but end September could be a good time. I could host the meeting, but a place more central in Europe might be better. Any suggestions?

Regards, Meindert


Congratulations!!! I’m anxiously looking forward to the MLDL2000 while trying to learn the intricacies of the HEPAX with my new NoVRAM (many thanks to Diego!!).

In regards to the meeting… If I lived in Europe I'd definitely attend no matter where the meeting was held. I may even consider a trip from the US if the timing, airfare, and accommodations fit my schedule and budget. Hmmmm, maybe someday we could arrange for one in the States. I'd be most happy to host it (free beer, wine, and snacks for all).

Have a GREAT vacation!!!
Best Regards, Wilson


HHC2004 is being held in San Jose on Sept 25 and 26. Read more about it here:




Who do I email to sign up for the HHC 2004 conference?




If you go to the HHC2004 website, download the PDF file near the top (where Richard Nelson talks in more detail about HHC2004). At the bottom of the second page are the email addresses of the committee.

Hope to see you there!


Thanks Gene!


Meeting, not planed but why not. My home is your home (not my collection, hehehe).
I will think about it when I´m back from vacation....

Greetings (now) from Munich



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