HP48 case


What are the dimensions of the HP48 case? Don't shoot me, but the slide cover on my TI-83 (required for class, not my choice) doesn't stay on any more, poor design. I want to buy a case from HP if it will work.

Thank you



The 48 has dimensions 3-1/8 x 7 and fits rather tightly in its case.
A good alternative would be a 41 case, which takes up to a 3-1/4 x 7-3/8 calculator, depending on its thickness.
I prefer the 41 case for my 48 (zipper and belt loop for field use...).



A TI in an HP-case? What a sinful idea... ;-)


I understand in increaces the value of the TI calculator :-)


It doubles it! At least. ;-)


and what wouldn't?


TI calcs didn't come with cases for quite some time. Now the HP calcs don't come with cases either. The cases must be worth more than the calcs

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