Query about HP 32S


Did the HP32S come with a slipcase like the HP32SII, or did it come with a zippered softcase, with the HP logo.
I met a guy with a HP32S with a zippered softcase and HP's logo and he says it came with that softcase.


I'm certain the 32S came with a vinyl slip case like the 32SII. Note both of these models are "Pioneers", and have the same physical size. The 32E, on the other hand, came with a zippered case. It's a "Spice" model.

Can some of the collectors who collect boxed specimens confirm this? You know who you are!



Todd is correct. However, MY 32S is in a lovely brown leather case, similar in style to the leather cases that came with the HP-65 although obviously without the card "pouch."

The case carries the HP logo and was available as an "accessory."


The 32S came with a soft vinyl case which was "melted" together. The 32SII and later versions of 42S came with a (fake) leather case which was sewn.


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