OT: didactic little quiz & Restaurant at End of Universe


Valentin's *very* didactic little quiz reminded me of the Restaurant At the End of the Universe in the The Hitchhiker's Guide series. Deposit one cent into an account today and through the power of compound interest you will have enough in the account to pay for the very expensive price of the meal.

Being reminded of the Guide in this way makes me want to re-read the series. :)


Like so many other things about the Restaurant at End of Universe, Douglas Adams was big enough to repeatedly write "this is of course impossible" (well at least in the radio play version of THHGTTG when Peter Jones spoke as the book.)

PS For Hitch Hiker fans - do you also see the importance of Marvin in the story? Is it an 'open secret' that he is the most important thing in the book and the rest of the universe didn't see fit to tell me about it? - Or is it because I'm a super intelligent shade of blue and only I have seen the truth from the clues in the book?

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