HP-97S Question


There is an HP-97S advertized on eBay. It is:

HP 97S auction

but if you look at the photo, the keypad seems to say HP-97 instead of HP-97S.

Now, I realize that a lot of HP-97 have a circuit board that has a dip connection point, even if it isn't an HP-97S.

Would you consider this a real 97S, if it is missing the 97S logo?

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I'd consider it a 97S as long as it has the attached BCD I/O box.

Are you suggesting that someone might have cobbled this together from parts? I suppose that's possible, but it seems more likely that it was originally manufactured as a 97S and either originally shipped with a 97 label, or that the label was replaced (either by HP or in the field).


I asked him about the missing "S" on the logo and he said he replaced the keyboard, with another. He said he would modify the listing to show the changed part.

Pays to ask.

PS: I think he changed the shipping too.

Edited: 16 July 2004, 7:26 p.m.


At $150 for shipping....


That must be a type, no? He certainly meant $15.


It clearly says $15.00 in a couple of places.


My 97S front label says "HEWLETT PACKARD 97S I/O CALCULATOR".

At the least, a 97S with the wrong label would take a serious value hit.

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