Restorating silver lines on clasic calculators



I am looking for a way to restore the silver lines above tyh on/off switch on the HP35/45 models.

Painting will not look real good, to mate.
Are there other ways to do it as an amateur ?


Have you tried a silver leaf transfer sheet. I have never tried any myself, it is a sheet of silver leaf on a press/rub on paper. You cut it out and lay it over what you want to cover and rub the back side and it transfer what is on the front. I have seen it in craft and hobby store. I don't know how durable it is, but it might work.


I've tried the foil transfer and paint, much too messy and poor results.

I use a "Sharpie" brand silver metallic marker. There are other silver paint marker brands but I find the Sharpies to work quite well and the ink is thin and flows well. It's not as bright as the original chrome but it's certainly better than black worn areas.


Try your local hobby shop for the chrome foil used on car models.



I have done the same thing as Randy suggests on my HP-35, 45, 55 and 65. It looks quite decent.



Thank you for all the good suggestion. I looks like this Saterday will be my hunting day for the marker.



If you have no joy, send me email: "etron at comcast dot net" and I'll post one over to you. May take a week or more but it will be worth the wait.


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