HP-86/87 Uploading floppy images


Up till now I was using my Integral PC to upload binary images of the Series 80 floppies. The reason I prefer the images to the files created by LIFUTIL, is that the image can be copied back to a new floppy without dealing with the filename conversions, restoring the diskette volume name, etc.

The problem with this approach is that only people with Integral PCs (or other HP-UX with HP-IB interfaces) could use this path, plus that I needed to unpack and fiddle with the Integral PC every time I needed a copy.

While reading the old PCC Computer Journal issues, I came across a very interesting article by Pete Goffinet on how to use the HP binary utility "r" which is provided with the HP-86/87 Demo Disc.

For more info read the article "Transferring diskette images from an HP-86/7 to a PC via a serial connection" at

The HP-86/87 Demo Disc is also available at:

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