hp39g infrared transfer with computer


is it possible to transfer using IR with computer instead of cable. cuz i got an usb-IR device on my computer but don't have a cable.


If it is the older 39G you may have probalems doing it. The 48 could communicate with IR on some computers, and not on others.

The newer 39g+ should work as it uses IrDa. Personally I have not tried it though, so that is just what my brain remembers hearing. . .



it should be quite new, only bought it in beginning of 2003. what can i use to transfer between it and the pc


Then you are out of luck as you do not have the HP39G+ (which might not work either, but the old 39G definitely won't).

This is because the IR is transmited via its own protocol which is based upon the IR printer these calculators could use. This IR protocol was then modified to transmit between the calculators themselves with the 38/48G series. The 39G merely adopted this protocol from the Hp38G. You might be able to pick up the IR signals but you will have to write a PC program to decode.

Additional information can be obtained from www.hpcalc.org for the Hp38/39G family of calculators even though it is a 48/49G based site.


but can't i get an emulator that acts like an hp39g?
ive got some emulators but they all don't seem to work.

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