NoVRAM (Cloned HEPAX) files uploaded.


Hi all

As the first bunch of NoVRAM modules are hitting the streets, it's time to supply the users with the required files for proper operation and maintenance... Including the utility for using these two extra ROM pages ;-)) and disaster recovery from bad m-code practices...

You'll find it all in my (over-bannered) page at:

please note that due to the special NoVRAM structure it requires a specific file builder for every RAM-Box emulation, currently, as I've explained in previous posts, only Adv-HEPAX emulation have been coded.

Download and extract the above .ZIP file into your Clonix directory and run NoVRAM-H.exe, ("H" stands for HEPAX) it's almost a ´clone´ of Clonix6P.exe... <8-p)

As usual, fell free to post or mail any questions or comments (but, please, RT*MF... I'm pretty sure most of you got it :-) some searching for "Clonix" and/or "NoVRAM" thru forum's archives will also help a lot in dissipating most common doubts.

Cheers from the Canaries



Hi Diego,

Tested your utility including the Sandbox Rom : works perfectly.

I reburned the NoVRAM and the former non-volatile RAM content was perfectly preserved.

Now, I'm gonna work toward my dream : Hepax+CCD OSX+Sandbox burned in the NoVRAM.

...and purchase another Hp41 to host my Clonix....

Thanks again for the great work but beware ! :

....given the time I spend all night on my 41, my wife knows your name and achievments !!

Stay safe in you islands !!!

Best regards from France



Hi Etienne,

Thanks for sharing your test results.

I've got a question... How are you gonna get HEPAX (16k) + CCD OSX (4k) + SandBox (8k) into a NoVRAM (24k ROM)??

Are you gonna place some of the code into Non-Volatile RAM?

Please share the details... ;-)

Regarding the "femmes affaire" I feel safe as far as my own girl friend doesn't meet some of the HEPAdictX's wives/girlfriends too and formed the anti-Clonix league... Should this be the case I'll deny any relationship with HP calculators or peripherals... and, buddies, you'll be on your own ;-))

Best wishes from the (quiet for now) Canary Islands.


Edited: 13 July 2004, 5:47 p.m.


Hi Diego et al,

My intention is indeed to put the CCD OSX in non volatile RAM by allocating a whole 4K block through the Hepax way :

- using the Hexedit function to allocate 4K blocks starting from the end,
- Moving 4K Blocks with copyRom to and from non volatile RAM
- OR (if it does'nt work) move the blocks to and from mass storage with WRTROM and READROM.
- then loading the Sandbox in ROM (which should not change the RAM).

Well, I've got the NovRam 2 days it's just an intention...

...sshhhhh, I must close my computer....she's coming!!

Thanks and all the best.


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