Pocket PC emulators?


Has any one checked out the 10B, 12C, 15C and 16C Lygea Calulators for Pocket PCs at http://www.lygea.com





I believe these are _simulators_ not _emulators. For one thing, no one (except perhaps Eric Smith) has dumped HP Voyager ROM code.

They only imitate the external appearance and general functionality, but their internal programming does not share any low-level commonality and is running X86 code and not emulated Coconut CPU code. Native math functions will be used, and these simulators will give different results (i.e, significant figures, rounding, etc.) than a real HP calc or emulated HP calc.

Bill Wiese

San Jose CA


While Bill Wiese comments are most valid indeed, these simulators (not emulators nor exact replicas) seem to be very well developed and close enough to the real thing for most uses.


Bad definitions:

Emulator is something that is not the real thing.

Simulator is a not the real thing that pretend that it is a emulator.

If u r not a purist, the difference doesn't really matter much.



I have been using the 15C program, and was about to get the 12C, 15C, and 16C package when my Pocket PC met an unfortunate death last weekend. As soon as my replacement arrives, I'll probably get the whole set. I think the 15C is great.



Thanks to everyone who responded. I take Bill Wiese's point. However these seem very professionally done. I have now purchased the "Super bundle" 12c, 15c and 16c (always wanted one of those). I look forward to going through each of the respective manuals and seeing what the actual differences are between these simulations and the real thing.

What I did like most about this series of software is that at least it keeps the tradition/history of these remarkable calculators, 15c and 16c, alive. I feel this is important given the current state of HP marketing. I am now confident that I can use the original HP RPN on a Scientific Calculator well into the 21st century even if it is only a simulation on a Pocket PC.

Don’t get me wrong I am an owner of a HP 45, 41, 42 and 32 original calculators, all well loved and all still in working order and used regularly. I would love HP to produce another series of well engineered calculators but I cannot see HP in it’s current guise ever going back to those disciplines, which is a shame.

many thanks to all


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