82104A Card Reader (revision 1F) bug?


In the (HP41) 82180A Extended Functions/Memory Module manual addendum there is reference to a "Card Reader (Revision 1F or earlier) bug", where the VERIFY function may conflict with an 82181A X MEMORY module if plugged into Port 2.

Can anyone tell me how to identify a Card Reader as "Revision 1F or earlier"?


Catalog 2 will give you a list of all plug-ins you have in the 41C.


Thank you, I just worked it out - CATALOG 2 returns the name of the card reader. I have two, one says "CARD READER" and the other "CARD RDR 1G". The former has a 1980 serial number, the latter 1984. So I guess the first one is "Revision 1F or earlier". Time to go to bed....


Hi, Brian;

I remember the earlier 82104A had a "CARD READER" identifier, and the later ones had their versions added to it. I own two working readers, and the earliest of them has a strange bug. Its ID is "CARD RDR 1E", os I guess that the F-type versions would indicate it as well. The newer shows "CARD RDR 1G".

Just my 2¢.


Luiz (Brazil)

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