HP Series 80 Emulator


Hi all,
I have searched the web, but not found anything. Has anybody seen an emulator for a series 80 computer (HP86B for example)?
Would be nice to have such one. I have started programming in assembler on an HP86B, and I have loved this computer...



maybe the curator of www.series80.org

knows more.




To the best of my knowledge, there is no Series 80 emulator currently available.

Since most software was written in BASIC, HP generally tried to create upgrade paths for BASIC programs.

The HP83/85 assembly manual is available at
and provides a lot of information about the architecture of these computers.

A good way to start such a project is to create a dissassembler for the '85 so that we can look at the ROMs etc.

These will tell us how the system accesses the various peripherals and thus provide information about the entire computer system.

Best Regards




How funny, I just started such a thing a month ago.

- First I wrote a disasembler for the roms (given by by others, I lost 2 serial moduls !!!)

- Then I started with an HP42s emulator (same as HP4x series) to write a capricorn emulator

- I used HP86 roms, so with the HP85 manuals I have some trouble for the EMC, but it progress

- Actually I got the prompt and can type some stuff, but the evaluation goes crazy ...

With the HP85 assembler manual, the state of the CPU bits (OVF, CY, LSB, MSB, ...) isn't clearly explain, I got some problem with that.

If someone have acces to a HP87 assembler manual or can give me some results for ALL binary operators for the status bits it could help A LOT !!

I have an HP86B but NO asm roms ... so it's difficults to have hint for the exact ALU behavior.



More precisely, I need informations about the behavior of thr ALU in BCD mode (DCM=1) when operand are non BCD number.
Ie : what are the status when

CMB R10,R12 when R10 = 0x00 and R12 = 0xFF ?
SBM R10,R12 for the same values

and also for other values in DCB mode ?


I have translated the 86-Assembler Manuals into German in the early 80ies. I think I have the original HP86-Assembler manual (if so, it should be possible to make a PDF-copy). I think I also have the original Assembler-Coding (with comments) from HP (a HP man has given me these things in the 80ies).
If you are interested, I will dive into storage room looking for these 20 years old manuals...
Kind regards


Of course I'm interested, the HP85 manual isn't enougth for some behaviour (in BCD mode). For the IO it could help a lot too. A pdf version could be very helpfull.

Actually the emulator accept basic line and make basic computation (A=45*45 is ok) but I have some trouble with the display of real variable (I only got blank caracters, certainly problem with BCD arithmetic).

When you have the docs we can arrange an exchange by mail.


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