Connect 48G(X) to USB?


Can you connect a 48G(X) to a computer using a USB to serial converter?

Mike 1111


Well, I can, and it works very well now. But I did have to update the drivers for the converter a few times to get the "Capture image..." part of HPComm to work with it, though it worked for file transfers. It's always worked with HyperTerminal PE, but I don't think that MS-DOS Kermit can find it. With the earlier drivers, trying to use a Conn4x USB connection to the 49g+ and the converter at the same time often resulted in a "Blue Screen Of Death", but the latest driver update cured that. Note that Conn4x works with the converter and the 48G series too (now). To take full advantage of Conn4x's features, install the XSrvr library (it's packaged with Conn4x) on the 48G series.

So it should work, but "Your mileage may vary".


Edited: 30 June 2004, 7:45 p.m.

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