Beware of richard.m.parfitt


Please beware of this person from the UK buying calculators and not paying,DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO THIS PERSON UNTILL YOU HAVE FULL PAYMENT!!!! I made the mistake of trusting his story of sending the payment in the form of cash in two seperate envelopes and that he would send the money for the shipping of the calc after he received it,when one envelope arrived and the other didnt show up for a week I decided to send the after more than four months no second envelope and to add insult to injury I get nothing but lies about sending at least the postage I'm out,he says that he will send it then when nothing shows up I email and he says hes too busy to mail it.


Well, I made a business with Mr. Partfitt and anything was right. I was sticked to the bank transfer payment. The paying was slow, but not was problem.



Your lucky you had payment before you sent the item,I'm out 100.00 U.S. plus the postage to send the calc,I gave him the benifit of doubt on the second 100.00 and was going to chalk it up to experience and told him to just send the postage for the calc,that was four months ago,he says he'll send it out right away then a month goes by and nothing so I email and he says he's just too busy to send the money he owes me,this all I've been getting from him the past four months,he's a dead beat.This is what he said this week "Do not forget that I have lost $100 as well...." "As I said I have been very busy building, I have not been to my local
> town
> for over four months now and I could easliy walk it in 15 minutes" ??????? what does that mean?? he's lost 100.00??? thats odd he has the calc that he agreed to pay 200.00 for he emailed saying he receieved it and was happy with it how is he out 100.00?? I'm the one out a calc and 100.00 plus on top of that hes just too busy to send me the postage.BEWARE DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON!!!!!!!


Email me for full story and updates on if I ever received the money he's owed me for over four months before you deal with him.

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