Having 4 HP48GX


it is stupid?


If so, then I'm stupid too, because I also have four. (Well, I gave two of them to my sons, but they're still in the house with me...)


sorry, i thought it was a stupid question too.

wayne do you think it is not stupid having 4 hp48GX, i also do not.
But friends say so.


Don't worry, Karl. Your friends just don't have good taste when it comes to calculators. :-)


I got a 32sII, 42s, 48G and 33s. My friends thought I'm stupid, though I thought they are MORE stupid when they upgrade their mobile phones 3 times in 2 years!



If it makes you feel better, send three to me (then I will have six GX's, not to mention my others). BoP


If it makes you feel better, send all six to me
then I will have 7 GX's - I'm in Heaven

Why don't you ALL send your 48 to me
Then I would (maybe) have enough of them...


I have three, soon to be two, maybe then one.....They have good cash value now!


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