Charry Leather cases for Pioneer


Back in the late 80's I purchased a folding leather case from educalc for my HP 27S. The brand I think was spelled Charry. It was really a great case. Does anyone remember these, or know where to find one?

Mike 1111


You might try CalcPro. They have nice cases for most of the HP calcs, old and new.


Be prepared to wait, though. I ordered several items from CalcPro on April 9th, and have not yet heard a word from them. Based on my past experiences with CalcPro, I expect my order to arrive eventually (probably after I've forgotten that I ordered it).


I purchased a black version of the leather case in 1989 for a pioneer series calculator but I don't think they make them anymore. I sold one recently through this newsgroup for $40 USD. You will see them being sold on Ebay from time to time.

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