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I just received a nice HP-41CV and I was wondering what kind of diagnostics there are out there (like the one for the hp-97).
Do we keep track of these things? I've seen some auto-test keyboard sequences here at MoHPC but a program like the HP-97?
Anyone collects them along with the calculators?

Gil Petri.



Unlike several machines there is NO self test or diagnostics programe for the 41CV...

What I usually do when I test such a machine is to do CAT 2 and see if all the programs on RAM and modules list correctly...


There is a routine on the PPC ROM called "DT" that lights up every segment and indicator in the display. First it lights up the periods and the commas, then lights up everything else. This is as close as I have seen to a diagnostic program that is easily available. However, as you can tell from the description it only works for the display.


HP used to have a seperate test unit (a test module which possibly had some additional hardware included). There was no software on magnetic cards.

I know a guy, who owns such a unit and he tested one of my 41s and my card reader. I remember, that he even could measure the speed of the card.

There's the HP41 service manual on one of Dave Hicks CDs. Read this document, if you're interested how to use this module.

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