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I own a couple of HP 97 Calculators but i don't have the suitable powersupplies that go with it. I found a type HP-82059 but this one is only 120 VAC. I would like to know which type i need for 230 VAC (Europe). Can anyone help me out with the type of supply needed.



I use an 82066B with my 97s. It's rated 220VAC, which is fine for today's 230VAC.



I go and see if i can find some. If not I'll make it myself.


There are converters from European plug&230VAC to US plug&120VAC. This method solve the problem once and for all, very interesting for Europeans.
The variable in this scheme is the max power rating of the converter, to be anticipated based on the application. This one variable has a major impact on the price.


I don't think buying an AC/AC converter makes sense, considering the low prices for HP chargers on ebay. I bought one for 8E some time ago.


You're right here, but if you have the same problem for more than one machine, the converter lets you use the (generally very common) US adapter instead of the (usually hard to find) European / whatever version.
As usual, YMMV.

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