HP19BII+ Business Financial Calculator


Has anyone heard anything new on this?
(just checking)



Why bother with a 19bii replacement? Why not just buy a 17bii or 12c? For that matter, why not buy a pda?

where's the need?


in my view, the 19bii is under rated. i acquired one some time ago cheap on ebay (there are still 19bii bargains), thinking ho-hum another dull finance model.

but almost at once, when i used the 19, i realised how good it is. for one thing, im a big fan of the book style case design. you get a much more accessible alpha keyboard. all scientific functions are there too just in case you need them. and the solver is just amazing.

using the solver on the 17 is a bit awkward, since theres no dedicated alpha keys, the screen is small and memory limited. on the 19, you can fill it with all sorts of handy programs not restricted to finance. the solver is the real punching power of the 19.

today, i find carrying one of hp's finance models much more handy than say the 48gx. the simple reason is that these models tend to have a good set of things for everyday calculation when its most likely that i'll use my pc for something really complicated.

it would be interesting to see what hp would do as a 19bii+ re-release. it could easily be messed up. but done right, it could have a place in the market.


HP19BII+: another calculator to add to the collection


HP is kind of slow on these things, I guess. (I have to replace my batteries on the HP17BII+)

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