Re: Some data on where HP users are


Darn, you beat me by a full ten minutes!

851 is also my guess. The second non-trivial solution (i.e., something that's not an integer multiple of 851) would be 5743. However, with that you'd have to assume that the last 12 countries in the list each got exactly 7 shipments, which would be an unlikely coincidence. So 851 it is!

And, I am ashamed to admit, I actually used C++ instead of one of my many wonderful programmable calculators for this exercise. :-(



Viktor, shame on you!!! Randy


Yes, I also found 5743, and the number of CD's dave Ordered seemed more realistic. But I was astonnished too of the coincidence of same 7 shipments...

Well... now waiting for Dave's answer..


to give the answer away ;-)

I've been thinking that the forum needs some kind of award for interesting things like this. Perhaps a button says something like Society for the Preservation of RPN or something like that. Does anyone have any ideas? Perhaps something humorous that spells out NERD or GEEK or something along those lines.


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