I belive that I've read somewhere, that a successor to the HP-01 was on the board. Does anyone know anything about this (HP-02?)...


A LCD model after the HP-01

Anything else unknown to me...



Î have arround a dozen of them at home.. nothing special except the diamond ring and the nuclear time module in it..
Oh, i forgot, here is also a small hyperband television in it...

No, sorry about my jokes, but a HP-02 does not exist in a production run...


"One I have in there HP-02 watch. I have a prototype of the LCD-COB plastic calculator watch"





The article Renato refers to here (previous post) is VERY intriguing! The rewarding career Happy Holden had with HP (in its heyday) is more than fascinating.

I my mind, I imagine you, being the curator of this wonderful museum, might have a greater impact (more so than the rest of us here) in asking HH if would be interested in having some of his treasures (in his calculator box) being put on display here.. especially that HP-02 LCD watch? He also mentioned lots of calculator parts that never made it to market. I would hope such a request would honor him.

I haven't tried contacting him. I am hoping some interest could be stirred up here first, so Happy would know there are a bunch of folks that are envious and appreciative of his role in helping to produce the calculators we discuss here everyday, and that we would love to see (and hear even more details about) the fruits of his labor.

If this sounds feasible, Dave, I for one, would be most appreciative to hear your thoughts on this. If there is anything I can do to help, just say the word.



I'm trying but the box and its owner are not currently in the same location so it may take some time. Thanks for reminding me about this. I'm trying to get caught up on a number of things around here.


Thank you Dave!

Even if Happy and his Box aren't in the same place right now, I'm encouraged that there's a possibility that someday see his wares. In the back of my mind, I was dreading that his email address might be dead, or even worse things.

Good job, Dave.




I asked him about the watch. Very polite reply, including this:

"The HP-02 watch was a prototype but was never put in production. I never did take any photos of it-sorry. All I have are parts of the logic board now."


It would still be interesting to have more information! Did they replace only the display, but kept the case and logic board of the 01? Or did they use a higher integrated board? New functions? RPN instead of AOS? Questions over questions.

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