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Is it possible to sent equation via usereditor 4.0 to 49G+??
I have a very cool user editor for 49G+ I downloaded a while ago it should be pretty familar on hpcalc.org . The Author is a spanish guy . not much instruction on usage can be tranlated cuz it is PDF formate. now my question is it is p[ossible to use this User editor 4.0 jus like the connec 4.0??


Hi Harrington,

please let us know where you got the usereditor from (in www.)




http://hpuser.8m.com/ this is the site get back if you have any question ther or perhap email the author?? what I wan to know is This 4.0 can be used like the connex 4.0 I don see how or know to get arround doing that yet
.. figure it out please let me know


Maybe you should download one of the language support files for Useredit, perhaps it has an online help file...

Apart from that, you could take a look at www.hpcalc.org, where you'll find more than one communication program.
And the best of it: They're (nearly) all with documentation.



I have an English translation plus a complete 49g+ menu hierarchy



doest it synchr with the 49G+?? like the connex?

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