HP-71B Basic Made Easy Book


Does anyone have a scan of this book that they might be willing to share?


This is what I wrote what is happening when this code is runed. I don get a more approximate ans for this input in this case which happens to be 1/(x^2+3*x+2) its partial sum is correct . what I think is going on is that the LAP is not taking the partial sum into its process, instead it is looking at the entire rational eqa...any help ?? please

%%HP: T(3)A(R)F(.);
\<< "Enter a " { "" V } INPUT "" SWAP + OBJ\-> \-> a
\>> "Enter b" "" INPUT OBJ\-> \-> b


What are the inputs?
Expected Outputs?
You don't have an EQ, how can you DRAW?
PS: Maybe you should try in your mother tongue eg. your native language...


can you post what LAP stands for? I mean, is it a program with a valid algebraic structure or it is a function? Can you disclose its contents?


(P.S. I'd add to VPN's request, if you allow me to, to ask you posting your primary interests, if you can do it, and the level of application you intend to: professional, hobby, student (degree?), etc... Please, this is not an invasion, just another aid to help us help you)


LAP and ILAP are 49-series functions for Laplace transformation and it's inverse. 
Strange enough they accept Heaviside and Dirac's Delat inside the equations, but they are not "real" functions in the calcualtor.
Also note that you don't use s and t, but the VX's 'X' instead.
You may ofcourse change the VX contents
OR download "Pretty Laplace" from www.hpcalc.org
The HP manuals have examples of this.¨


Thanks! I see I need to go further...

When I saw 'LAP(x)' EVAL in Harrington's listing, I thought it was an user-defined function. No excuses from my part, I confess I did not know about it.



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