HP 33s


Sorry guys,
Don't want to beat a dead horse, nor release flames of terror about something that'sbeen discussed here a million zillion times...
Just need to share!
The 33s is probably a great machine on the inside.
I bought it with a completely open mind, but now I've used one for a while, I just can't deal with it anymore.
The decimal really bugs the sh** out of me. I just can see it!
The dark green and purple is really hard to see under some normal lighting conditions;
The chevron keyboard is actually fun I find, but where it converges the printing gets scrunched togther and illegible. End up like a blind bat ocasionally.
My god, I love my 15C even more than I already did.


Would you please give me your 33S? Just kidding but I am curious and think I would get one when I can find one available at the regular price.


I guess it's a matter of personal preference. I got my 33S weekend and I find it be be a great calculator. Who would have thought of having rubber in the sides? But this makes the calculator very natural to hold. The decimal point is really an issue and I wish it could be corrected. The keyboard is terrific. If all new HP calculators had keyboards like this HP would be blowing away the competition. Honestly given the new trends in music and fashion design it really appears that HP is keeping up or even advancing in calculator design [I know I might get knocked for this].
I don't know of another calculator except the 49G+ that used SD card. It's the new super calculator.
Maybe it was the wrong decision to have Kinpo manufacture the new line. If it was made in SG or ID or even the US it would have been of a better quality.
Just my thoughts.


I just got mine yesterday, and I haven't yet used it enough to talk much about functionality. But I did think it was oddly sized and didn't fit well in my hand until I realized I should grip it lower down, where the rubber is. Then it felt pretty good. This is not how I'm used to holding a calculator, though.

Also, the decimal point: I didn't think it was as bad as a lot of reports indicated, although it's definitely hard to see in front of the 2. I think it's not that bad, though, because I usually either have a good idea of the order of magnitude of my calculations, and thus know about where to find the decimal point without thinking about it, or I'm using scientific notation. Kind of a silly oversight, though.

Last night, I dreamt of my 41C. I wish I still had the ol' gal...


I just received my 33s today. I haven't had a chance to truly use it, but I did do some light fooling around with it.

Let me say at the outset, I'll have to concede the complaints that most have made over the last many, many months here and on the hp48 newsgroup.

Because I've seen the images online so much, I have long gotten over the shock of looking at its cosmetic design, though looking at the little print of the shifted keys on their slants does wear at the eyes a little bit.

Aside from that, it feels solid, if light (hey, no problem there!) and the keys appear to be solidly constructed; heck, they feel better than the ones on my 49G+.

But, I was sort of struck by how much it reminded me of my 32SII... until I recalled that Gene Wright and others mentioned that this IS supposed to be a replacement model for the 32S and 32SII. And this much is right with this calculator!

And, as one poster mentioned, there's rubber side "implants" that make it feel rather nice to hold in your hand. The case is that cool and fairly protective 49G+ style one, only scaled down to fit the 33S.

I do recall I sort of had the same light hand wringing when I bought the 32SII, for I compared it to my 34C, which I still love, though it's kind of dotty nowadays. In fact, the 32SII reminds much of the 34C, and the 33S reminds me of the 32SII.

Again, aside from the serious complaints other rabid HP calc fans have made, including that rather small decimal point, I think I most probably will enjoy using this machine.

Here, I think HP did a good job, cosmetics aside, as compared to their algebraic models, by which I mean the 6S, 9S, 9G, 30S models, and most definitely not the 20S, which for an algebraic is rather cool. I had been missing the use of a 32SII, which I am no longer willing to bring to work.

Ah, a light, easily portable, and POWERFUL RPN calculator again!


Both I and the company I keep do not like the 33s at all. Conclusion is poor keyboard layout, enter key placed oddly and way too small. Please keep the trendy designs for kids in college but we actually work with them. 32sII is what I use, the boss a 42s (I can't afford one) and the brandy new 33s sits gathering dust. Changing keyboard layout on a scientific calculator makes as much sense as redesigning a QWERTY board or a 10 key. If anyone has a 42s that actually likes the design of the 33s, I'll be happy to trade a new 33 for it.


"If anyone has a 42s that actually likes the design of the 33s, I'll be happy to trade a new 33 for it."

I bet nobody will be eager to trade a 42s for a 33s. A 42s on eBay can go up to US$250, compared to a US$50 33s.



I could trade my HP 32SII to a HP-15C...



1. I find the HP33s keyboard too crowded, and the HP17BII+ not crowded enough. The Chevron, while a nice design, makes the keyboard seem even more crowded. The HP33s could use soft keys.

2. Maybe because I'm not used to keystroke programming, but I find myself playing the 49G+ more than the 33s.

3. I agree with the posters here, the decimal point of 33s is HARD to see.

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