HP 30S On Belgian TV news



Headline in Belgian TV news (16th of June): Government sends out their Finance dept. officers in a bus (coach) to help citizens fill in the tax declaration forms due for 30th of June: One of the consultants filmed is using 2 calculators, one of them is an HP 30S.
(I can understand now why we pay 56% of our income to taxes:
appearantly our government gave these finance consultants a scientific calculator instead of a decent Financial HP calculator...which they desperately need hi hi).


What was the other calculator used?

If the government gave the finance consultants a proper HP calc (12, 17, 19) wouldn't that cost more? Or would the quicker and more accurate calculations lead to lower taxes?



I could not figure out the other one, think a TI but I wouldn't bet for it. Definitely no HP!

My point on the government consultants (should be equiped with a financial HP) is symply that one cannot seriously advice people on all alternatives concerning their money, investments, real estate etc. all to do with their tax returns without a decent financial calculator.
Are these guys calculating our taxes based on the (cos(sin(tan(yearly income * PI)))??? hi hi
(Being a financial consultant for industrial companies I am realy curious to see the face of my customers the day I walk in with a UNIX system instead of an ERP for helping them... ::))

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