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Where do I find a list of items that would have come with an accessory for the HP-41 series? I see a lot of items for auction and have no way of knowing what might be missing. This is especially true of overlays for the application pacs. If one is on the site, I have been unable to locate it, and if not, would be a good addition, in my opinion.


Hi John,

I don't know if such a list exists but it sounds like a good idea. Maybe someone will pick up the ball and run with it, I think it could be useful to many HP-41 fans.

In the meanwhile you can look at the user manuals that come with the modules. If I remember correctly, the user manuals refer to the overlays.

I hope this helps... Regards, Bill


You will find it at

Mattias Werli has maybe the greatest HP collection and certainly the best and most complete HP-41/HP-IL collection which is his main part of the collection.

But the HP-41 barcode wand is missing in that list.



Ray, am I missing something? I agree that Matthias has a great collection but I fail to see where his website offers a list that shows; for example, which overlays come with which modules, etc., etc. Or am I maybe mis-interpreting John's request?


Thanks for this idea, Wilson. I will try to add it on my next list... But I will need some time to do this...



Hi Matthias,

I'm not sure this would be much of a time consuming project for someone such as you. Such a list would also serve to help verify that your (and that of others) collection is complete in all respects. Let me know if you decide to tackle it, I'd be happy to help.

Best Regards,


Hi Wilson

Ok, I will take the chance. Please let me know, how this list should look like. I will not add it into the other module list, cause there is no place for this. Please send me a spreadsheet, so that I can see, what you guys want to know.....
It will take some time to collect all datas (and certainly to find all overlays in my chaos).



Hi Wilson and hi all other guys

I think, I will take part of this database, but when I do it, I will do it right. Here my defined requirements:

- all Modules/EPROMs are documented with the numbers of overlays.
- each overlay will be showed by a scan.
- this database has to be in a file format everybody can use (such as Excel).

I will fill in all datas and will offer you all my knowledge and items, but you will have to fins someone, who programms the spreadsheet (Excel). Is this an offer?



Please, DON'T use Excel format.

Despite the fact that people think that it's a standard format, Excel's files AREN'T a standard format!!!

Instead use RTF, or CSV, or PDF, or XML ecc.. ecc..!

(My 2 cents... :-)


(delete the 2 "_nospam_" for my real email address)



Claudio and others...

I agree with you Claudio. Excel is not and should not be considered a "standard" format. My preference would be .PDF which is as close to "standard" as they come. However, I also believe the "master" document can and should be in whatever format the "author" or "keeper of the "master" is most comfortable using.

Matthias... I'll send you my thoughts on a structure when time allows.

Best to all, Bill



My intention is to create a database that can be selected by different entries. I will not publish a 50 site .pdf file with all overlays in a stupid order.
Is it possible to create a real database in .pdf format? I only use Acrobat for Word file formats, but not for a database.



Hi Matthias,

My thoughts were along simpler lines than a full fledged database but I guess that would work as well, albiet overkill in my opinion. However, since you will likely be the one to create this "thing" I'd think the tool of choice should be up to you. Whatever you decide to use should be acceptable.

Best, Bill




I do not speak MySQL, so someone has to programm it and I will fill in all datas...



I don't want to be misunderstood due to my bad English.

Obviously you can use whichever format do you want, and all the people (at least me) will be happy and grateful for your effort.

I want only point up that all Micro$oft's formats aren't standard formats. Whenever someone use these formats, force other people to use Micro$oft's programs. It's a domino effect! :-(

However if you are comfortable with Excel or with Access, you can use them without regrets. Surely someone will convert it into another format. :-)


(delete the 2 "_nospam_" for my real email address)



Re: 41C Accessories : YES Excel (we will convert it later) Use OpenOffice!


WHat about a Access database?


Hi Matthias,

Access is even less standard than Excel.
If a real database, then use Oracle or DB/2.

However, both of the above products only make sense for large amount of data. I mean really large, say a few hundred thousand to many million data sets.

I'd vote for the real SQL database from Centura/Gupta, where a free version was/is available.

The alternative is a dBase database, which has a relatively straight structure, is very portable, and can be viewed/imported from many applications.

Things like MySQL or PostgresSQL are too heavy for this task IMHO.



So you all have my offer:

- There must be a person with database programming experience who programs the database.
- I will feed any database with datas, as good as I can.

Please, feel free to contact me for a collaboration



Well, I´m quiet fast, am I? I still tried to fix a layout and some data fields that might be interesting...

Please download it here (26KB) and have a look. Feel free to make comments...


Thanks you Ray for let me know. I really forgot the wand.. I will add is as soon as possible. (Yesterday I added the HP 82166A Prototyp Kit)



When you start forgetting items in you own collection is time to change the hobby ! (and give us all a chance to complete ours :-()


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