Writing notes into HP49G+



are there any tutorials that show how to add notes(save them) - text & formula into the calculater so you can recall them later?

This is my first programmable/graphic calculator.

i have been to hpcalc.org but haven't found anything there as yet.

thanks for all help


So far the only way I know is to create a string variable with your text and store the text you write. While creating your notes, you can press TOOL access STYLE [TOOL] [NEXT] [NEXT] |Style| to highlight, bold, itlicize (sp?), or underline text. Use the [LS] [BEGIN], [LS] [END] to select your text.

hpcalc.org may have text writing programs for the HP49G+.

Good luck,



Why oh why should it have to be stored in a "text" kind of object ???

Just create a program and type away freely whatever you want.
As long as you don't execute it, no one will ever know !

This works on ANY alpha-enabled programmable calculator...



Most calculators tokenize the program as you write it, or after you press enter. The HP will most likely say 'syntax error' after pressing enter.

Making a string is no harder then making a program.

Type the "", and put your text in between the quotes. Press enter. Type the note name. Press STO.

"I'm using this to cheat on a test because I am dishonest "




>> This works on ANY alpha-enabled programmable calculator...
> The HP will most likely say 'syntax error' after pressing enter.

? Usually when I don't know, I refrain from objecting.
However, the objection of tokenization is interesting. Please quote a precise model where this doesn't work ? Personally I can't.


<<Why won't this work?>>

Basically, things like mismatched brackets or "'"'s, or accidently mentioning control commands (DO/IF etc) and so on.

While for small notes you can probably avoid these problems easily, why would you bother?

Its just as easy to use a string without possible problems.

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