HP's Newest Calculator


For information on the newest calculator, visit the site below:


Thanks, Eric and Iqbal for notification of this new device. My first comments are:

1. There is not an "=" key on the keyboard(!)
2. I think that "discover-based interface" is newspeak for "does not come with a usable manual."
3. The concept is intriguing, but I'd like to see it in operation.

Keep on trying, HP, perhaps this one (or the next one) will be the breakthrough you/we need.



A bit early for an april fools joke...



I'd have to say, this thing *isn't* a calculator. It's a handheld "learning device" for use in schools. If Nintendo would let HP get away with calling it "MathBoy", I bet they would. . .


--- Les [http://www.lesbell.com.au]


FYI, The full PDF of this newsletter is at:

For those of you who don't know it, he HP^c newsletter is HP's journal designed for educators to learn about how to buy and use HP calculators. It's sort of the educational equivalent of the old HP Personal Calculator Digest that was targeted towards scientists and business people. It's a combination of articles and an annotated catalog of calculator products that's published 3 times a year (or so?)


Hello Katie,

Do you happen to know how one gets on the mailing list for the hp^c journal? If so, please e-mail. I've enjoyed reading about your repair adventures. I have owned an hp 25 since 1975, and it still works fine. Believe it or not, I still use the original battery pack! The same goes for my hp67. They solve engineering problems on a daily basis and they have never failed me. The card reader in the 67 still works fine since my wonderful wife presented it to me on Christmas day 1977. Thanks in advance and may you have a steady hand with the soldering iron:-)


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