Auction for an 11C or is it a 15C?


Has anyone seen this before? This guy has what appears to be a 15C with an 11C name badge. The auction says he got it at a garage sale. The keyboard and graphic on the back are consistent with a 15C

Auction for HP 11C or 15C


Seems the origanl logo fell off once,
and someone replaced it with an old spare 11C logo.
Better than vice versa;-)


BTW: The logo isn't centered very well...


Wow, that must be a real collectible then, right:-?


I guess you're joking, aren't you?



But of course Raymond, you know me (and how badly I'm waiting for your final annuncement...:-)

Best, ÁM.


I'd like to know who this BURLIN joker is who buys these things and marks them up sky high.


Burlin Bids on just about every HP calculator I have ever bid on. What do you mean "marks them up?" I only remember seeing him as a buyer. BTW sometimes he pays very high prices, too.

Also, I recoginize some of the other bidders on this one---as other frequenters on this forum!




He's got a ton of items out there for sale. All are buy now only items. Most prices are quite high. It's greed like this that is making it harder for many of us true collectors. If you want to sell them, fine, but make them an auction, not a buy now only sale. Unfortunatly, suckers out there who do not know any better are buying them from him.

Take a look at the following link...


I do not see what is wrong with asking for your price (And his prices, while high, are not unreasonably so). I have seen auctions for every item I saw there go for more than he is asking. Heck, I myself paid $50 for a perfect condition Brazilian 12c---I'd rather that than $50 on "clearance" for a new kinpo. And mid 300 for a 41cx---I've seen auctions of used ones go for that.

"Suckers?" Like, it's on e-bay---what do you expect! Seriously though, that is the buyer's--not the seller's--problem. If he is on ebay, then the buyers are fully capable of doing the price research--it is all there in front of them.

If you sum up all his "buy it now" prices, you get $12,222.70 (cut and paste into quattro pro---do not add up on your calcualtor!). We know where he gets them---from e-bay auctions for a large part---and we know he will pay quite high for them. So, let's assume that he does an average 100% markup---that means he has $6000 US cash tied up in his inventory. And YOU think you have the right to tell him what he should ask---or dare to accuse him of "gouging" or somesuch nonsense? Are you willing to tie up that much on old calculators?

The fact is, if his prices are too high, they will sit.




While I do not know Burlin and have lost a few auctions to him also, I do not believe he is speculating as you believe.

I think he suffers from the very sickness most all of us have of Hp calculator addicition. He is selling some of his excess to refinance his need for more Hp calculators. And since he is so attached to his FOR SALE calculators to put up high reserves, he then discourages their sale, unless he receives the reserve price.

He usually pays premium via ebay and has been active for quite a while now. So I do not believe he is profiting greatly from his purchases. Therefore I concluded he is just sick (I share that same disease).

Do I like him, hell NO! but then I don't even know him. Is he despicable? Certainly, especially since he seems to have much deeper pockets than me!!!! 8o(

But that is more my problem than his (he wins the calculator and gets the toys!!!)

Ebay doesn't care who has the highest bid, just that there is a bid. The guy who can bid (and pay) the most, gets the prize. When I used to go crazy on ebay, I would also win my share of Junk (ie calculators in less than described shape). I am sure he suffers the same. Does that consoul you any (it does me. 8o) ).


Ron... I think you are right. Burlin does have a sickness... he's a greedy pig.

I refuse to even bid on anything on ebay any longer when it has to do with HP calculators, because BURLIN always has to out bid just aboput everything I try and buy. I remember the good ole days when you could pick something up for a fair price.

I'm not against someone making some cash. That's what this country is all about. But when you start taking advantage of the situation, it becomes a problem.

Ok.. so I dopn't buy anything from ebay any longer. Will that hurt BURLIN... I doubt it. Some other person (or sucker as the other guy stated) will stumble across the item he wants, and not know the real value of the item and pay the highly inflated price.

This will hurt all of us. Personally, I don't care what my collection is worth. I own my HP's because I love them, not because I want to retire off of them. The true HP fan will understand that. Those of you who are more interested in the value of your calculator would most likely sell the family pet for a buck too.

Anyhow... just my two cents.


> Personally, I don't care what my collection is worth.
> I own my HP's because I love them, not because ...

Exactly !
It sometimes occurs to me that there will be some major head-scratching when I die and they open THOSE boxes...
What will happen then ? Fortunately, by that time I'll be dead !

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