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The MoHPC is a very cosmopolitan place (hats off to Dave Hicks, once more); and all we could spot regular contributors from the USA, Germany, UK, Australia, Italy, Belgium, France, and many other countries in this forum.

I have received, from time to time, emails with specific questions, and also contacts from casual visitors. In these cases, and also in some threads, there are issues that are country- or location-dependent (manuals in some language, access to eBay or repair shops, costs of international shipment, specific models availability, etc.).

I think it may be a good idea, when posting, to identify myself adding my country after the name; and would like to submit this as a suggestion for any who may share this view.

Please don't assign any political, national, or whatever other intention to this identification. I hope this "naming convention" would only bring the colorful variety of HP calculators fans even more explicitly to the front.

And, by the way, this seems to be a real global fraternity; and it is reassuring to witness people from much distant places sharing an interest on this matter, and trying to help their peers. Certainly HP calculators were (are?) world-class!

Comments are welcome.



I think Andrés has a very good idea, this forum being as international as it is. For one thing, this might eliminate that we "foreigners" receive advice like "you can find this at your nearest XXX store", the problem being that there is no XXX chain on this side of the Atlantic! :-)
Otherwise: email addresses often indicate national location by a two letter extension, e.g. ".no" in my case.

John Mosand


Thank you, John, for your comments. Certainly I have seen the "XYZ Store" issue appearing from time to time. And letting others know your country may gain us some allowance for some english language errors. :-)

In my case, I use a "global" email account, but in most cases, as you mention, the email address have a country suffix (in my country, names are as



buen idea, pero !que supresa!; un argentino que quiere decir "soy argentino". es como la broma: un argentino regresa de un viaje a italia y dice a todos "los edeficios son viejo y fuerte, las chicas son bellas, la comida es deliciosa, y yo pienso italia fue un colonia de argentina porque toda de la gente tienen apallidos argentinos. BTW, do i get allowance for my spanish errors? i know i need it.



An interesting think about a 40 million people country (like mine) is that not everybody fits into cliches. I don't know which people from Argentina you know; personally I hope my postings may have some value based on their content and usefulness for others, and not upon my person or nationality. I don't pretend them to be anything special.

I have been lucky enough to visit many countries, including Italy, and tried to appreciate all the good things each place has to offer. I don't subscribe to the view your joke represents. I just think you may find good people, nice places, and valuable things in my country too; as in most others.

Spanish allowance is OK, I pledge for my english allowance too. I also apologize if this answer to your comment seems out of focus in this Forum.


andres; sorry you took the "broma" to heart. i didn't mean for it to be a national insult. mabye i like a good national stereotype a bit more than most but; being of italian extraction i do hear a lot, aimed at us. or did my bad spanish make it sound less than inocent? i have found that most latin americans enjoy "chistes" about the chastity of brazilians, work ethic in ecuador, snappy dressers in bolivia, spiritual depth of "all" venesuelans, thoes bumpkins on chiloe etc. thats why i hear them, but most is only 50% plus one so i was wrong, and i should not bring up stuf outside the world of HP here anyway. and yes your postings do have value, especially to me because so many of yours are about the 41 and IL; what i use. again, please excuse my sense of humor.


Ok, no problem. I just don't like stereotypes. And thank you for your answer, perhaps I took the first one a bit more seriously than intended.


Ok for your suggestion...

Maybe we could have a log in name and have more of our personal information shared... with phone #, pictures of our collection, ...


I do like a lot the "personal profile" idea, but perhaps it is asking Dave Hicks too much for a non-profit site...


I could open another forum for this purpose.


Dave: Count me on, but please don´t worry too much about this; the Museum is wonderful as it is!


I thought you might be interested in where museum CDs have been shipped so far:


Hi Dave,

Can you reveal the total number of CD's sold so far, other wise the percentage is kind of useless?

Thank you.


Y K Wong.


My best guess is 833.

Is there a prize for the one who guesses closest?


How about 850 (1/850=.001176, .001176*4=.004706 - closer to value for argentina than .48 - .0012*4)...I'm so glad that Mr. Hicks has given us a place for the inner nerd to feel safe and secure...


But try it out with the number shipped to the US.

I could not find a single value that fitted all the percentages particularly well unless I assumed a rather large number of CDs shipped and some amazing coincidences about countries with the lowest number of sets shipped.


I totally agree with you. 833 fits pefectly the lowest percentages, but gives crazy results with a too high epsilon (error factor).

My proposal respects this and copes with the high amount of CD's ordered by Dave Hicks. Bu I'd be delighted to know the correct answer... c'mon Dave !

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