hp 48 prog and 49G+


I have a 49G+ plus is it possible to convert the 48's program for the 49G+??


what is the name of the program?

user RPL can be transferred easily. sysRPL will need to be recompiled (eg you need the source).


Which "48"? There are significant differences between the 48S series
and 48G series, and from what I've heard, the 48gII is really a 49
series as far as using it goes.

But (for UserRPL code) if you do an ASCII transfer from a 48 series to
a PC, and again from the PC to the 49 series, most programs will work
with no modifications. To avoid having "Real numbers" (type 0) on the
48 changed to "Exact integers" (type 28) on the 49, have the 49 in
"Approximate" mode when transferring 48 series programs to it. Something to watch out for are global names on the
48 that happen to match command, function, or XLIB names on the 49.

If you run into one that you can't get to work, post it on the forum, and I'll try to help.

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Better yet, post any 48/49 series problems in comp.sys.hp48.



I found some really neat programs on the site today unfortunatly it is written for the 48 series. I was jus curios if there are possibilities for the 49 G + which I owned.


Hi, Harrington;

as mentioned in this thread (I don't know who, no name, just a dot), if the program is written in User RPL, I mean, if it uses only "regular" functions and commands, you can transfer or use original programs written for the HP48S and/or 48G in an HP49G+. I remember that some minor changes related to empty lists dealing made me change two or three programs that ran in an HP48 and did not run correctly in an HP49G (not G+).

HOWEVER, if the program uses exclusive internal calls, like SYSEVAL with specific addresses or low-level coding (assembly), big chances are that it will not work properly. In some extreme cases, running such programs may cause display and keyboard freezing or even a memory loss. So, it's a good idea trying to find the User RPL equivalent, if available, and recompile it with specific sofware (as mentioned by the unknown colaborator above).

Hope this helps you finding the appropriate program for your needs.


Luiz (Brazil)


yea I think the author used sysrpl I need to look for those compliers maybe at www.hpcalc.org will help ??

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