49g+ slower than 48gx


Here is an example where the new, 49g+, running at 75 MHz on ARM chip is actually slower than the venerable 48gx (running at 4 MHz).

Try plotting a PS-Contour plot of 'sin(sqrt(X^2+Y^2))/(X*Y)'

Keep the default plot window values, or change them, if you want, it doesn't matter. Have both calcs side by side, ready, set, go! Amazing, the 48gx is actually faster!

Is this a shoddy porting of the ps-contour plotting algorithm from the 48 to the 49g+, or what?

(Of course, this is just one example. For the most part, the HP49g+ runs circles around the 48, and I like the 49g+. But it's interesting this could occur.)

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