HP 33S Turn off Thousands Separator


I don't mind so much that the 33S decimal point is small. But when it shows that PLUS the thousands separator it just makes things messy and hard to read. So I thought of using "," as the decimal point (which is easy to read) and getting rid of the "." thousands separator. Anyone know how to do this?


Good idea, but you cannot switch it off on an HP-32SII, its predecessor; I guess it can't be done on an HP-33S either.


Hi, Sammy;

I had a look at the User's Manual and found nothing about how to supress the thousands separator in the HP33S. I thought about flag control, like we have in the HP41/42, or using ALL digits, like the STD in the HP48/49 to do that, but I found only fraction control with flags 7,8 and 9.

Other than trying the manual, I tested some possible configurations and (sadly) confirmed that as the HP33S has no "integer" mode for base convertions, the DEC representation for numbers is the same standard representation with thousands separator.

BTW, have you seen how messy is the display when you fill X or Y registers with "2"s? You hardly see any separator between consecutive "2"s.

Sorry not helping that much.


Luiz (Brazil)


Someone with some money to host a website should start a petition to force HP to take back all the 33S and fix these rediculous problems--I'll be the first one to sign up.

At $65 MSRP, none of these problems should even exist! I mean, didn't they even look at the final product before releasing it?



on a HP32SII in FDISP mode the thousand separators is not seeing. And if you want fractional part in decimal format, use SHOW.

It's not really best solution, but works.



It also works on the 33. But as you said I don't think it is really the best solution.

Thanks for the tip



Of course, with SCI you know where the decimal place is. Use SHOW if you need more details. I use SCI 4 with the 33s. Once again, not an ideal solution.

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