Hi, HP48 users!

I wonder if is it possible to change the name of one of the soft key
from the temporary menu (TMENU) labels, while the program is running?

For example, To change from start to stop, or to add a small square
sign beside the name that mean that the soft key was changed or

Best regards,

email: td@chem.ch.huji.ac.il


Still exploring the 48 I see. Changing the menu is easy if you use some SystemRPL commands. I'll list a simple program and the way to change.

{ "START" "GO" "NOW" "" "" "EXIT" } the menu
-> menu make a local var

menu TMENU show menu

menu 1 {"STOP"} REPL change menu
TMENU #3A1FCh SYSEVAL display current menu

That's it! You still follow all the commands that display the menu. Generally, the 48 displays a menu when the system is ready for keyboard input (HALT or WAIT). Using the SYSEVAL (for DispMenu.1) accomplishes the same things without needing the HALT or WAIT.

Tip! Use this feature to blank the menu during segments of programs, it looks better.



everytime I try to do this it list funny. OK, no comments

{ "START" "NOW" "LATER" "" "" "EXIT }
-> menu
menu TMENU
menu 1 { "STOP" } REPL

Hope this post better


Are you trying to use the formatting techniques (linked at the top of the forum)?

If something is failing, please let me know.

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