AC Adapter for HP 82161A IL Digital Cassette Drive



What is the correct Adapter/charger for the HP 82161A Digital Cassette Drive? I have a 82059B Adapter for the 75C/D, the connector is the same, can that be used for charging the Drive? Can anyone help!

Thank you.


It's the good one! Go ahead,


Hi Thib,

Thank you.


Y K Wong.


I don't have the reference in front of me, but it's exactly the same used for the nicad 41 pack.

I do have plenty of these spare if you need one (US 110V)


Hi Thibaut,

Can you please confirm the adapter is indeed HP82059B? I have tried with this adapter since this morning, the drive is running fine and the NiCad seems to be holding charge! If it is HP82059B, no problem I have a few brand new spares from my 75C/D. Thank you.


Y K Wong.


I am not Thibaut but I can confirm that the adapter you need is the 82059.



Hi Viktor,

Thank you!


Y K Wong.


OK, no need to confirm this... but I do !

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