Three new TTF files (HP33S LCD characters included...)


Hi, all;

(not) for the fainted heart users, here goes:

New True-Type Fonts®

The zipped file includes:

-two pdf explaining some features of the new fonts

-one TTF with the HP33S LCD characters I found (if there is anything missing, please let me know)

-one TTf with the complete set of characters of the small standard font (mini font) of the HP48/49

-one TTF with the menu characters for the HP48/49 (now it is complete; replaces the pre-evaluation file)

The included pdf files also contain the map of all characters available with the 33S TTF and the menu mini font. The regular minifont has no specific pdf file.

I hope you enjoy using these fonts. It took me some time to manage the small characters because reading them all the time tires the eyes somehow. As I am working with a new software to manage the TTF files, some features must also be mastered first. And I lost a few TTF sets trying to "understand" the bolts and nuts...


Luiz (Brazil)

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Hi, all;

sorry for the inconvenience.

After uploading the zipped file, I observed that the HP33S PDF file firstly available did not have the character map. At aprox. 02:35 AM (June 9th) the new zipped file (~135K)was uploaded, replacing the previous one (~94K). The new file has the same name of the earlier one, so the link in the starting post is also valid for the new file. If you downloaded the first zipped file, please update it with the new one.

Thank you and forgive me.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 9 June 2004, 2:49 a.m.


Thanks! - Could be very useful in preparing a manual for some users of our programs in Survey in South Africa.



Hi all;

sorry for the "news", but it was not hard to find that the character spacing used in the HP33S CharSet ttf was not good. Characters were too close to each other. I had a look at the calculator's LCD and I found that they were not so close. So I stretched the space between them about 1 dot column and it seems to me they look better now.

I'd like to know what do you think about this: should I keep dots and commas like the original LCD? I'm not sure if I made the right decision as for that changing places.

Let me know what you think.

New HP33S Character Set TTF


Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks for the update.

I don't have a 33S but I am surprised by some of the characters.

The lower case i, q, u and w are strange, why are they dropped and not small upper case?


Hello, Gordon; thanks for your comments.

About these characters: the HP33S has only the standart upper-case set. All others were taken from the constants names and "menus". As you can see, 'j', 'q', 'u' and 'w' were used for holding other existing charaters (one of the most "dramatic" choices of mine was placing the index 'i' for 'j', because there is no 'J' in menus). Many of the "strange" characters are used in the HP33S Constants "catalog". And I guess this is a very good feature.

I decided to do so in order to avoid unused spaces in the font "pack", as you can see when using any font viewer, like MSWindows® Character Map: the complete character sequence has only two gaps, if I am not wrong. It's easier to use when you are picking characters with "Insert Symbol" (MSWord®).

What gave me more trouble was defining dots and commas. Gee! The rest was "piece of cake".

Thank you, Gordon; as aways, your words are very welcome.

And please, guys, feel free suggesting any change. Let's try a new arrangement, if so. As I mentioned before, these TTF files are ours, I'm drawing them for all of you.


Luiz (Brazil)

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