Taking the 16C out of float mode


Well, the subject pretty much states my question. I figured out how to put the 16C into float and Sci mode, but I cannot get it back into interger mode other than by resetting the machine (and wiping the memory).

Anyone have a clue. I definately need the manual. :)



Just press one of the four radix keys: HEX, DEC, OCT or BIN.

When it comes out of float mode the word size is left at 56 bits regardless of what you had set it to before you went into float mode. X and Y contain a representation of the FLOAT value that was previously in X.




Thanks for the info. I know my Comp. Sci instructor will be suprised to see this calc today.



You *will* need a manual if you are going to do more than skim the surface of its capabilities. Aside from the sheer number of functions and modes that it has (I've lost count but there's more than 80 function) quite a few of the functions are infuriatingly idiosyncratic.

David has a scan of the Owner's Handbook on the museum CDs. A trip to Kinkos with the PDF file any you'll have a spiral-bound manual for substantially less than you'll get a collectable manual from eBay.

If you want to play with some programs I have a handful of listings on the HP-16C site. Have a look on the "calculator" page.



Another manual you might try to get on eBay is "An Easy Course in Using the HP-16C". It's by Edward M. Keefe and was published in 1987 by Grapevine Publications, Inc.



I have the Easy Course for the 11/15C, but I haven't had much luck finding "An Easy Course in Using the HP-16C". Does any one here have a copy for sale or at least a .pdf file? I didn't see it listed on the museum CD, but I may have missed it.


I think the Easy Course in Using the HP-16C is still available from the publisher.


Well, what do you know. I guess that my eye appointment at the end of the month will be well worth it. Thanks.



I checked with Grapevine Publishing and they haven't carried that in a long time. They also admitted to not having updated their catalog in a long time. Heck, the guy that answered the phone didn't even know what was in their catalog. But, he was kind enough to keep my name on file in case they find one.
Back to square one.




Go here!


It was worth a try, anyway

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