HP-41 doesnt see any plug-in modules


Well my HP-41CX halfnut doesn't seem to be sensing any plug-in modules. What I done is I have rebuilt the battery pack a few days ago. It seems that the pack is just a bit thicker now and I might have forced it inside a bit but not much. Then I charged the pack and after that none of the modules show up on CATALOG 2. The same modules work fine in other 41CV. I am not sure is there any thing just beneath the battery pack in halfnuts so that I have maybe cracked something, or is it maybe related to the charging. The charger says it is 8VAC but I measured more like 12VAC. I have put the same rechargeable pack into 41CV and it seems to work fine.

Anybody can give me a good advise before I start dismantling things.


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Probably you have forced the upper assembly screws, and now there is a faulty contact. You should open it, and look for cracked assembly plastic nut (sorry, I don´t know it´s name in english, but I am sure that you understand).
The voltage is ok.If the pack is thicker, take care, you could damage the other calculator.



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