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I find the regression application for the HP 19B II really easy to use and helpful, enabling me to do forecasting for exponential, power and logarithmic curves as well as linear. It returns the formulas for these curves. Howver, I do find the process slow and cumbersome. I don't think the standard MS Excel offers what I'm talking about so I'm looking for a reasonably priced stat pac that will do this that works as an Excel Add-in. Has anybody had any experience with exactly what I'm talking about here? I've researched several packages on the I-net but none of them actually address the applications I need. It wouldn't necessarily have to be an Excel Add-in but I think it would be easier to work with. Thanks.


Excel from version 5 and up has an addin for regression. However, I think it's only for linear. I guess you can write and addin or VBA program to do this in Excel.
I think I will do just that...


As a matter of fact the Excel regression add-in has 5 standard types: Linear, Log, Polynomial, Power and Exponential. There is also the sixth type - moving average but that can't give you the equation.



If this is true, how do I access these other regression methods? I've loaded every applicable add-in I have and I still don't see these capabilities.


Create a plot of your X vs Y. Right click on the points on the graph (so that they are selected) and choose Add Trendline. You should see six Trend/Regression types. I don't think that you actually need to activate any add-ins for this.



I have loaded every add-in available and I can access correlation and regression but I see nothing like you're talking about. I need more detail.


I don't have VBA skills. Wish I did.


Excel allows you to perform linear and multiple lieaner regression using the Regression add-in. The Regression Wizard offers you a dialog box that has many options. The regression add-in offers the ANOVA table and confidence intervals for the regression coefficients. You can transform your dat aand create new columns that enter into linear or multiple regression.

Excel also allows you to access statistical functions such as CORREL, SLOPE, INTERCEPT to calculate R, the slope, and the intercept. Other functions are also available to obatin the coefficients and statistics for multiple linear regression.

Consult a good Excel book like the Excel (version) Bible or Excel (version) Inside Out ... or even check the Excel online help!


I never found within Excel exactly what I was looking for so I took the equations for the four different types of regression, linear, exponential, power and logarithmic and built my own solver. I tested it using my HP-14 and it works fine. Not as slick as a macro but is OK. Thanks all.

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