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All of you out there working on emulators have inspired me to write some code myself. But I don't think I would really call this an emulator. I'm not very motivated to just emulate a certain calculator. I would much rather create one that does exactly what I want it to do. The end result should have some features of the 12C, 15C, 16C, 42S, and just unit conversion/calculation stuff from the 48 series. So just for some experimentation I put this together last night Calc.exe it is no where near even alpha yet, but I thought I would throw it out there anyway. You have to use a combination of the keyboard and mouse. For anything that is on the numeric keypad you have to use the keyboard, except enter will work with both the mouse and keyboard. None of the shift functions on the numeric keys work. A good test to see if a shift function works, is to hit shift and then a key, if the little ‘g' indicator is still on, that key doesn't have a shift function yet. The keyboard shift keys will turn the ‘g' shift indicator on, as well as hitting the button with the mouse. The up and down arrow keys work as Roll Up and Roll Down. No registers are there yet. Finally to enter exponents you have to use the ‘E' key on the keyboard. Note if you want a negative exponent the only way to do it is to use the ‘-‘ key that is NOT on the numeric keypad after you hit ‘E' and before you enter the exponent, CHS will NOT work with exponents. If you want to see some of the details of how stuff is working just resize the window so it is taller and you will see the whole stack, an edit window, and another enter button (don't click on that extra enter button with the mouse or you will have to reselect the edit window before you can enter any more numbers.

I plan on creating a complex type that works similar to the way it does on the 42S only with a better way to enter complex numbers. I am also planing on adding a 2D and maybe 3D vector type that will work in a similar way as the complex type. Then add unit conversions and unit calculations like the 48 series. I doubt I will make it programmable though. I also hope to have both a window and linux version. I am using the HP DotMatrix 2 font by Luiz, (I hope you don't mind) so be sure you have that font installed, but if you don't it will just use some default font. The main reason I am making it is to teach people how to use RPN. That is also one of the many reasons it has a two line display. I think it is easier to learn RPN with the second line. I may add a mode where you can open another window and see the whole stack and all the other registers.

Chris W


Hi, Chris;

please, use it as you wish. That's what I inteded when creating them: seeing them being used this way. And if you want to add the font to the pack (like a tar.gx, or standard zipped file) for distribution, I'd be glad as well.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)



Your emulator looks nice. Having written a few I know it's a lot of work is involved.

Keep up the good work!



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