HP15C will HP do it again?



I don't know if this action will have future, but I will buy 3 of them if HP starts doing them.
Please do teh Petition.



for HP to budge you need to pledge to buy 300,000 units (and not just 3 units)!!!! Otherwise, let's stop dreaming. We are beginning to look silly and out of touch with the workings of the world!



Is that so? We are talking about remanufacturing a machine which has already been designed and whose fellow-machine (12C) is still in production. That's what I call a bargain at minimal cost. Take a look at the market, there's NO alternative - and little room for improvement over the 15C.


Why not dream anyway??

I have signed the petition and would buy :

- 3 if the display is LCD (one for me, one backup, one for my children)

- 5 if the display is LED (just dreaming) as I love my Hp 67s and use my 41 thanks to Clonix

- 0 (Zero, Null, None, nada, aucune...) if HP labels it Hp Platinum...

Thanks to all dreamers and those who make it happen.

Sorry for being long...

cheers from France



is that so? We are talking about remanufacturing a machine which has already been designed and whose fellow-machine (12C) is still in production. That's what I call a bargain at minimal cost. Take a look at the market, there's NO alternative - and little room for improvement over the 15C.

Yes, except "the market" is for a few calculator goons like us plus a few techies. Few students will buy it since their math classes have 'tracked' them into TIs.

I suspect the existing 12C will be allowed to die out and be replaced by 12C-Platinum with its Sunplus 65C02 CPU. It'll be harder and harder to get old 12C Coconut CPU silicon produced - fabs w/that old technology have mostly been shut down, and it's not worth the cost of doing a die-shrink. That's a major, costly project that won't be taken on as there's a suitable 'alternate path'.

Yes, the existing 12C case, display, etc. could still be used. You'd have to do some new keycaps and a new silk-screen (or whatever) keypad panel w/shifted function legends. Nonrecurring setup/production (NRE) costs for these 2 items alone would pretty high and would require quite a few calcs to be sold at reasonable margin to suitably amortize these costs.

Also, remember that there's probably NO ONE at HP who understands the 15C firmware anymore, or even the old Coconut CPU. So it'd be officially difficult for them to write a true CPU emulator on the SunPlus, and they'd have to rewrite the new "15C-Platinum" code from scratch in mixed C and 6502 assembly. That's more error prone than emulation - look at the 12C vs 12C Platinum.

Even if the 15C calc hardware and labor costs were absolutely FREE - that is, Carly just magically found a warehouse full of new, assembled HP15Cs - the sales, marketing, support, packaging and distribution costs to re-roll out this calc again could be prohibitive for small volumes.

Too many folks have been blindsided by AOS & formula entry calcs to even know/remember why RPN is good and for it to have a big following. That's why I'm so surprised they put a new RPN calc out (33S), but then that's just one calc out of their line. If HP could sell 200K-300K of these
"new" 15Cs it might get their attention, but I'd betcha marketing surveys would not bear this out.

Bill Wiese
San Jose CA


Hi Bill,

Could you reach me via e-mail please?

best regards,

bill Platt


my first name at my website domain gets you my email address.


Hi Bill...

I sent you an email, hope you got it.

You can also email me at

wmwiese[_at_]yahoo[_dot_]com ...

despam in the obvious way...

Bill Wiese

San Jose CA


Hello, Bill;

although I'd like to think of people needing computing tools like the HP15C, HP16C and the like, I must admit that I no longer "dream" of it. Today's needings in most cases are beyond calculators abilities, and current computing devices show amazing resources.

OK, ok, don't throw stones on me, folks, please! (I hope this is the correct construction, so I'll deserve it only once...;) I own about 40 calculators and I'd never trade any of them for these new gadgets. I'm still reading manuals and learning how to use some earlier models "in deep" (HP71B, HP75D), mostly because I like reading those manuals: good reading, conciseness, care for the reader and user... These are not found in the new manuals and guides.

So I look the new PDA's and palms and see nothing but consuming products, graphic O.S. oriented "driven" by non-tech (and don't wannabe) users that simply touch their palms screens with a small stylus and see what's going on around the world without leaving their seats. What to do? That's today's needings, and Compaq, HP and others are keeping track with these consumers. I'm not one of them, but surely there are thousands of them that actually do not even know about us, Dave Hicks, the MoHPC and this Forum. Unless we are a great market opportunity... 300,000 units of HP15C's to be sold here? Yeah, maybe they "hear" us.

I'd like to be more "positive" about this, but I see no other way than going the deepest possible into the existing "live" units and try a "reversed-engineering", custom development. What amuses me is the fact that most of us (I include myself) are trying to create with today available technology what HP had already achieved ten, fifteen, twenty years ago. And in some cases, wee still need to sweat and get hard work to achieve.

That's technology. Amazing technology. and many of us understand what does it mean. In fact, this is the issue here. The calculators are, in fact, the materialization of a whole process where brain activity and brainy guys are the actual master pieces. And the calculators are what we have in order to preserve their memories, and we don't actually want these memories to be lost.


Luiz (Brazil)

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