Hypothetical HP 12CII, 15CII and 16CII


How do you like this idea. I got the idea from a remote control aircraft transmitter I have (JR 8103). How about have a 12CII a 15CII and a 16CII where the internals and functions of all three were exactly the same. The ONLY difference would be that the keyboard is labeled differently. So if you were to buy the HP 16CII you would get a keyboard overlay for when it was in 15CII mode and another keyboard overlay for 12CII mode.

Bring Back the 15C


So the idea is that you are really buying three calculators in win: logic (16C - if I remember correctly), scientific (15C), and finance (12C). If you were to add the programming feature, I would put a catalog button that can access all the commands from all the modes.



I would buy such a 15CII immediately, also without the keyboard overlays. As I see it, you have an alphanumeric display with 2 lines, showing better contrast than the HP 42S ;)
Then I expect program listings like in the pioneers, too.

Please tell me the date of product launching ... ;)


Chris --

Interesting concept, though representing the keyboard layouts and legends for three very disparate models, using overlays, would be real problematic. Really, the 12C, 15C, and 16C have little functionality in common.

The overlays were cumbersome for the 41-series, and this would be no different.

Also, I would call any upgrades of these classic models simply the 12B, 15S, and 16S -- just as the 28S replaced the 28C after Continuous Memory becase a standard feature.

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