HP 97 Fixed number format question


I have just recieved an HP 97. The fixed number format displays only two decimal places. I have tried to change it, but still only two? Am I doing something wrong?

Mike 1111


I dunno. What'cha do? {Sorry, couldn't resist}

[FIX] [DSP] [4] should yield a 0.0000 display. Change the number of places to suit.

[ENG] [DSP] [n]
[SCI] [DSP] [n]

for other formats were n is the number of decimals you want.

Enjoy one of the best...


... changing the number of digits after the separator (i.e., keeping current format), [DSP]n will do as a stand-alone operation. OR, if you want changing only the number format (i.e., keeping current number of digits after the separator), [IFX], [SCI] or [ENG] will do, as stand-alone keystrokes.

I just wanted to add to Randy's explanation that the key sequences can be used separately.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 27 May 2004, 2:32 a.m.

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